Hummingbird Suncatcher

A Mayan legend says the hummingbird is actually the sun in disguise - perfect to hang on your window, bathing in sun rays. This Hummingbird will be handmade for you and can slightly vary from the picture.
USD $29.89

This Hummingbird will be sculpted by hand, for YOU. 

It is one of a kind. It’s expressive shape and swirls of color will brighten your home. 

Hang it in the window of your kitchen, living room, bedroom or office. Daylight will make the colors come to life. Simple, light and elegant : let a little bit of poetry into your home. 

All our products are the result of a lot of hard rewarding work in the studio. Glassblowing is a demanding craft. We are constantly questioning our results, bettering our technique, refining our dexterity. It’s a quest for perfection coupled with a lucid dose of humility. 

This Hummingbird is the result of disciplined creative work, but mostly, we want happy clients. We want your eyes to sparkle and your heart to smile.  

Thank you for supporting local artisans.

Take note: Packaging and shipping glass is a skill we’ve become experts at. Fear not for transportation. Glass is our life work.

Display: Hanging 

Length: 4” (10.2 cm)
Width: 3.75” (9.5 cm)
Height: 5” (12.7 cm)

Weight: approx. 1.65 lbs/ 0.750 kg

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